Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's Groundhog Day - Time to Change Your Glucose Monitoring Routine

Now that Groundhog Day is here, we know Spring is going to arrive early.

But until then, Winter poses some special challenges in managing blood glucose – it’s tougher to stay active, heavy “comfort foods” may be especially alluring, and the “winter blues” can reduce your motivation to stay on track with your glucose testing and healthy diet. 

Keeping a diary or journal can help you keep things under control.  Seeing the ups and downs of your blood glucose levels can motivate you to “keep up the good work,” or remind you of the importance of watching your diet and exercise.  But on the other hand, writing down numbers in a log book (or even typing them into your Smartphone) can become another barrier keeping you from your goals. 

You can remove the extra step of manually recording your readings with a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter paired to a smartphone app eliminates that extra step – the data uploads automatically, so it’s one less thing to do. The ForaCare Test‘N Go Blood Glucose Monitor can pair with an iPhone or Android phone and automatically upload your glucose measurements to an iFORA Smartphone app. 

And since your Smartphone is almost always with you, it’s easy to check your progress anywhere, any time.  Like when you’re waiting for your table at the restaurant – and seeing that your glucose has been really good this week can inspire you to keep the streak going.  And that can give you the will power to order the side salad instead of fries to go with your sandwich. 

So let’s be happy that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, so we are in for an early Spring.  And with the Test ‘N Go Blood Glucose Monitor and iFORA Smartphone App helping you stick to your testing schedule and your healthy diet, you can also be happy when swimsuit weather arrives early.      

 Test N' Go

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