Friday, April 29, 2016

Get More Out of Your Glucose Monitoring

Self-glucose monitoring is recommended for anyone who has diabetes.  It’s not always convenient or easy to test so how often you do depends on individual self-control and motivation to manage your diabetes alongside your physicians recommendations. The more you learn from each test, and are able to use that information to manage your day-to-day choices, the more successful you will be at managing your blood sugar. When you are successful, you’re more likely to stick with the plan.

Best Times to Self-Test

·       Before meal – Serves as a reference for tweaking prescription, such as does of insulin. Checking this reading regularly can help determine how well medicines, diet and exercise control is working. Pre meal levels that are within the normal range (80-120 mg/dl) suggest that the treatments are going well.

·       After meal – This test is performed two hours after a meal. It can be higher than standard due to impaired insulin response or food choices; insufficient dosing of medicine before or during meal also leads to higher than normal blood glucose levels.

·       Before exercise –Helps determine if you’re at risk for hypoglycemia and may need to eat additional carbs to sustain your blood sugar levels

·       Before bed – Low blood glucose levels could lead to hypoglycemia in the night. High blood glucose levels could mean that you are eating excess carbs/food in the evening or have insufficient dosing of insulin.

Checking your sugar is not enough. You need to be able to understand and interpret that information to make smart choices.  We love the FORA TN’G Blood Glucose Monitoring System because it comes with a free iFORA BG Mobile App that makes it simple to track, monitor, and view your progress over time from your smart phone. The app is convenient to use because it wirelessly synchronizes to the TN’G Blood Glucose Meter via Bluetoooth. Your test results auto-send to the mobile app. You have the flexibility to sync whether your test was taken pre/post meal. In addition, you can record your exercise, medication times and input your blood sugar goals and daily notes. To learn more visit